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Looking back a year - If you had told me that the whole world would "pause" and that most of our industry (and others too) would be forced to close its doors for the best part of a year I would have shaken my head and not believed that this would ever be possible. 

The world has gone mad, right? 

Fast forward, and now almost a year later a lot of beauty businesses are still very much restricted and certainly here in the UK the industry seems to have been hit extremely hard. 

People are devastated, frustrated, anxious, worried and some even unwell for various reasons connected to the current circumstances!

The situation of up and down, yes or no, forwards and backwards is having  an enormous impact on our live!

Financial pressure, worry about your business, caring for your family and loved ones, frustration, disappointment and even panic can have a detrimental effect on you. 

Sometimes it isn't as easy to look on the bright side and find something positive to look forward to. 
Sometimes you struggle to find strength to get through the day. 
Sometimes you don't know how to be strong for your family, 
Sometimes you just want to hide under duvet...

BUT the better times will come and you can make a difference. 

I am fully aware that everyone is different, everyone has got different struggles and everyone has got a different way of dealing with stress or problems but I wanted to share some tips that might help you (or at least they might make you laugh and that would be helping too!)

The one thing we all forget when we get consumed with problems - be it money worries or just general stress - the one thing we shouldn't forget (but often do) is to look after yourself!  Selfcare and looking after number 1 often comes last and yet it should be first! 


I am not talking about being selfish but how can you take care of things or look after others when you are not well? You need to protect yourself and do whatever it takes to keep strong. 

Even if your mind is busy or overwhelmed you NEED to find a way to SWITCH OFF!

No matter if you start drawing, reading, chatting with friends, meditation, exercise or take up a new hobby - if it makes you happy and helps you to switch off then it is important for you to find the time to do this! 

I tend to get busy with thoughts and ideas about new projects, trying to tackle my to do list and many other things on my mind.Trying to ease myself away from this is HARD. It would be easier to persevere with the jobs at hand but will it help? 

NO, you do need to focus on other things from time to time to recharge your batteries. 

Now, I know sport or exercise isn't everyone's cup of tea but I can only speak from own experience and it works for me! If I don't find time away from my desk, I feel tired and burned out and every day seems the same routine, BUT if I make the effort and just do the 30 minute run to take my mind off it and focus on something totally different, I feel refreshed, have new energy, more ideas and a renewed zest to move things forward. 

Whilst you could argue that I could do so many other things in that half hour, the reality is that this half hour break (or more if necessary) will help me boost the rest of my day and I can be more productive and efficient. 



Go on, try it for yourself! 
You don't have to run or exercise but you could start knitting, baking or candle making, write a book or try something completely different and you will feel so much better afterwards. 

We are all different but it is far too easy to get absorbed in everything that is going on and to get lost in it. I would love to see you all give it a try and hopefully it will give you a boost and help you feel better to get through these difficult times! 

Remember that we are all here to help and support each other so please feel free to join our friendly chat group www.facebook.com/groups/flirtiesbeautyhchat where you can share pictures of your work, your room set up, or you can ask questions or have a moan, maybe share something that cheered you up or just chat with likeminded beauty fans. 

Let us all help each other through these difficult times so we can grow stronger together!

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