I can't actually believe how long ago it was since we  first launched the flirties range for lash extensions and it's even harder to believe how far treatments have come on from then......yet, some things have remained the same and have become a reliable part of our business. 
We started off with a J-Curl (some of you might remember?) then the B-curl was introduced and it was such a novelty to have a “stronger” curl. Little did we know that the curls would advance to DD curl now. 

The single lashes were supplied lose in a little clear tub and we always needed a few minutes before each appointment to sort the lashes in order to make the appointment easier and less fiddly. Just looking at the lash trays, we have come such a long way, the lash extensions are now aligned on strips for easier pickup and application, the trays are made from cardboard to ensure we stay as sustainable and eco friendly as possible and there are even premade and easy fan lashes…oh….not to forget coloured lashes. Who would have thought we would ever apply creative lash art? 
So many things have evolved and progressed to make the application easier and quicker and yet some things have remained the same….bit like a good old friend you can rely on - yes, you guessed it right: Our adhesives are still supplied by the same lab and still made in the UK. We have never even been tempted to go elsewhere to get the adhesives manufactured and bottled and we love the fact that we can rely on quality, short delivery times, cruelty free and vegan friendly production and we dont need to worry about compliance as we know it's all spot on!
When we first started, we had the SENSITIVE adhesive, it has a slightly slower setting time and is ideal for a beginner as it offers the ability to adjust the lash when you first place it, which is particularly important for beginners.

Over time we have learned that the SENSITIVE is not only ideal for beginners but also the perfect match for sensitive clients as it is odour and fume free (not many adhesives offer this advantage) and due to the triple distilled process the Sensitive is also milder and is less likely to cause a reaction. 
Whilst some of the more experienced lashers quickly moved onto the next adhesive - the EXPERT, some still rely on the SENSITIVE now and especially in hot or humid weather (summer) it offers yet another advantage as it can perform really well when the conditions are high and other adhesives set too fast. The SENSITIVE wont become too fast (it wont set before you can apply the lash)  but if you do want it a bit quicker then you can use the SPEED UP SOLUTION  to spur it on a bit. 
The EXPERT was our next launch - dedicated to the experienced and faster lash tech it is slightly thinner and faster but remains stable at different conditions and has thus become our ALLROUNDER which is the go to adhesive for many therapists. It will perform well in summer and winter and can still be combined with the SPEED UP SOLUTION if you do need an even faster adhesive (in fact ALL our adhesives can be used with the SPEED UP SOLUTION!). 
Our next launch was the BLACK ULTRA- an even faster setting adhesive with a thinner consistency and ideal for lower conditions, it has quickly become a favourite for many lash artists and to this day the ULTRA and EXPERT go head to head on the bestseller list. 
The two clear adhesives (ULTRA and SENSITIVE)  were the last introduction and whilst the initial idea was to introduce an adhesive for lash art it has proven quickly that the clear adhesives are perfect for those clients who are sensitive to coloured/black adhesives. Not only that, but the lack of colour has also given the clear Ultra its own characteristics and it is a tiny bit slower than the black ULTRA and yet a bit faster than the EXPERT so it is a bit like a happy medium.

It also performs exceptionally well  in lower conditions and we have had lash techs who have successfully used this adhesive for years even below the recommended ranges. 
Whilst there would be endless options to launch more adhesives and create different versions, we have taken the approach to keep things simple and easy - 3 black adhesives - 2 clear versions = 5 adhesives that can be used in conjunction with a speed up solution to offer a match for every lash artist, technique and working speed. 
So which one would be best for you? 
It depends on various factors and whilst other brands will give you precise setting times and rules which adhesive should be used when, we have found that it is more important that YOU find out what works for YOU. Over the years there have been lash techs who have found one adhesive perfect in even less than 40% humidity while others prefer to work with the same adhesive in 60%. We have even had lash artist who have worked side by side, dispensing from the same bottle and yet getting different results.
Because everyone is different, and there is no hard and fast rule. What works for one might not work for someone else and vice versa so it is important to try it for yourself.
Of course we can and will help you with recommendations and advice but we prefer for you to try it for yourself and then you know it works with your technique and in your conditions - after all you are the one who needs to rely on it so if you are curious to try one of our adhesives feel free to order a sample pack or contact us if you are unsure about anything. 

We are here to help and we look forward to hearing from you!

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