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I bet this title will raise a few eyebrows so read on if you want to find out more!

There is different forms of bullying and you might just be a victim without knowing or realizing that this is actually happening to you!

No one is completely immune and even in the beauty industry you can be a victim, be it fellow therapists in the salon, the owner, people in online forums or even clients! 

Especially when you set up your own business you are happy for any client or booking so you tend to bend over backwards to accommodate everyone which is only natural. You are happy to work all the hours, squeeze as many clients in as you can and expand your hours even further for clients who can't manage in your "normal" hours. 

This is business, right? After all your want to make it a success! You want lots of clients! You want to be busy! 

Does this apply to you? 

Well, fast forward a bit and after running your business like this for a while you will feel exhausted. Clients who miss their appointments or ask "can you not fit me in on Sunday?" will start to annoy and frustrate you. Instead of being excited about new enquiries or booking requests you start resenting clients messaging you at night or over the weekend (how dare they!)

In reality you should be glad for any enquiry and any client contacting you for an appointment. It is not up to the client to know when you are available or not so it is up to you to set the ground rules. 

By this, I dont mean shouting at clients or expecting them to know when they can and cant message you BUT you need to get organised! 

Set out of office messages on your phone, implement a booking system and do whatever it takes to give you your personal space back but most of all STAY FIRM!

Set times during which you work and look after clients. 
Set times during which you post on social media or look after the admin side of your business. 
Most importantly, STICK TO IT!

Many of you will have encountered a very busy Christmas period with clients asking, begging or bullying you to fit them in. "How dare you don't work 24 hours to fit everyone in"? (and then they frustrate you because they cancel last minute due to hangover, a party invitation or even better........ its a no show). 

* get yourself organised, decide when you want to work and how far you are willing to bend those rules
* keep some times in the day for a cup of tea and lunch or snacks (really important) 
* switch your phone off and take some time away from your business (family or friends need your attention you might have a hobby you want to pursue?)
* Stick to your own rules
* Don't let clients bully you 
* Don't defend yourself! 

Have you ever seen a shop keeper explain why they close their shop at 6 pm just because you forgot to buy milk during working hours? No? 
Well there you go! 
It is up to the client to be organised and book ahead of time. Most clients will book their next appointment (or even two appointments) ahead but it is the last minute ones who expect you to squeeze them in that will cause you headaches. 

Don't get annoyed but take it as a compliment when clients message you at night to book in. There will be quieter times in your schedule at some point and then you will be glad for any booking you can get so you just need to keep your personal space so you can enjoy your clients! 

It is a business so treat it as such and don't take it personal :)



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