Lash aftercare (DO's and DONT's) - flirties
If you are looking to give your clients the best treatment outcome then it is important to provide advice and recommendations for aftercare. 

You can use our printed aftercare leaflets to hand out to clients so they can remember what is best to do and what to avoid in between their appointments. 

This way you can keep your clients happy with perfect retention and you know they will have the best results - a total Win - Win situation! 

Here are some DO's and DONT's for your clients

BEFORE the appointment
  • SET aside enough time for your appointment

  • DO NOT wear any make up 
    (your therapist will have to remove this which will mean 
    LESS appointment time)

  • AVOID wearing contact lenses 
    (these will need to be removed before the appointment)

  • LET your therapist know of any contraindications or conditions which could influence your treatment (medical, prescriptions, allergies, infections, pregnancy etc)

AFTER the appointment
  • Avoid sauna, steam room and swimming pool in the first 48 hours
    and keep to a minimum thereafter

  • BE gentle with your lashes

  • CLEAN daily with oil free make up remover and cleanser

  • BRUSH carefully with the provided mascara wand/ lashbrush

  • DO NOT rub your eyes or pull on the lashes

  • CHECK with your therapist if your make up and skincare routine is suitable

  • ONLY use recommended products to avoid premature loss of your lash extensions. 

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