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With the pandemic and its restrictions lasting longer than many of us anticipated it is only natural to be apprehensive and worried about your business. 
Do you fear that clients have gone to other therapists?
Do you worry that clients have learned to do the treatments themselves and that  they wont return?
Let’s look at both scenarios to put your mind at ease.....
Let’s assume clients have gone to other “therapists”.....
First of all we know that those “therapists” have been more than naughty to offer treatments with no insurance and against government rules risking a fine and other repercussions. 

If you have clients who have found one of those illegal traders it means they are willing to put their family, friends, the therapist, themselves and everyone at risk and thus endangering lives while everyone else is trying their hardest to condemn this virus so we can save lives and get back to some sort of normality as soon as possible. 
Do you really want those clients? This clearly shows a negligence and careless attitude and you need to ask yourself if you really want to put yourself and your family at risk by taking on clients like this!?

Those clients might have actually done you a favour, so keep reading to find out why!
The next scenario is the client who is trying to do the treatment at home.
Yes,  there might be clients who have been cutting their hair or attempted to cut their partners hair. There might be clients who have tried to do their own nails. There might even be clients who have tinted their own lashes or brows. 
Does that mean they wont come back to you? 
NO, definitely not! 
If anything they might actually appreciate you more than before! After all, lets be honest, we know how it is if we try and do the treatments on ourself. Even if you are trained and experienced (which your clients are not) it is not easy to do treatments on yourself so chances are that once the novelty has worn off, your clients will quickly realise that it is a bit of a pain to do this and they will gladly book with you again to have their treats done properly! 

If anything they might value your time, passion and professionalism even more after all this and, of course, they will be looking forward to their next appointment with you! 
Now, there might be a few clients that might not come back. 
Should you worry about this?
Absolutely NOT!
The way things are looking you will need extra time to clean and disinfect the room in between clients so unless you are willing to work even longer hours you will probably need to create gaps in your diary and this in turn means you need to sacrifice some clients so those who didn't value you and your dedication to your business or the fact that you are trying to protect your  clients'  health and safety are probably doing you a favour and they are making space for all those lovely clients who are loyal to you and truly deserve an appointment with you! 

Remember that we are here to help and support you, so if you want a chat please feel free to join out beauty chat group or email us with any question you might have! 
June 02, 2020 — Britta Krueger

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