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Everyone is different and we all face different circumstances and challenges but we also have one thing in common - we are on pause at the moment!

During these difficult times we have had to stop doing what we love. 
We have had to pause our business. 
We have had to turn clients away. 
We have had to close the doors. 
We have had to deal with the anxiety of what is to come. 
We have to cope with the fear and worry of these uncertain times. 

Some countries have started easing restrictions and it is only natural for us to look at the options so how can we best prepare? 

Some therapists have advised clients of a date for their appointment. 
Some therapists have announced when they will be open again. 
Sadly this is only misleading to clients as no one knows yet when we will be able to open our doors to clients. Whilst the government has set out a "roadmap" they have clearly stated that any restrictions can only be lifted as and when certain criteria is fulfilled and that dates (if any are given) are only a rough estimate so booking clients in is not best practice and just leads to confusion and more work when you have to rebook clients and inform them that the date is not correct. 

What looks far more professional is a therapist or salon who follows government guidelines and advises clients of these estimates. This not only shows that you adhere to given rules but it also shows care and diligence for your and your clients health and wellbeing. 


What can we do to get our business ready for the new start? 
What do we need to put in motion now in order to steam ahead when we are allowed to? 

The answer is NOTHING. 
This is not a negative view but a realistic one.
We dont know the specifics of the restrictions being lifted. 
We dont know when they will be lifted for our industry. 
We dont know how it will affect our working environment. 
We dont know what other restrictions might be put in place. 
We dont know if certain PPE will be required. 
We dont know if the salon layout will change. 

There are too many uncertainties at the moment so rather than invest money in things that might not be suitable, it is better to wait. 

There are things you can do though! 
Use this time to practice and learn. This will hold you in good stead when we are allowed to reopen. 
Try new products. 
Try new techniques. 
Watch tutorials. 
Take online classes. 

All these things will help you when we are ready and by then we will have a clearer picture of what is required from you as a business owner, from you as a therapist and also what is required for your premises. 

Use this time to connect with others. 
Be Kind and help others. 
Support those who are struggling. 
Reach out and ask for help if you are struggling. 

All these things are important and it will help you grow as a person so that you are then ready to roll up the sleeves and make a fresh start. 

If you want a chat with us or fellow beauty fans please feel free to join our chat group and if you are curious to try new products feel free to check our sample packs /*sample* or for anything else please get in touch so we can help! 

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