10 things to avoid when wearing lash extensions - flirties

These are some of the most common pitfalls when wearing lash extensions. 

Use this as a checklist to help your clients improve retention:

  • Mascara
    Unless your clients are wearing oil free mascara which is specifically designed for lash extensions it is a NO (for volume sets even the oil free mascara is unsuitable as it would close the fans)

  • Make up
    Even though you can get some make up products which are suitable to be worn with eye lash extensions (see makeup) your client should not apply this over the lashes but take care that it is just applied to the lash line. 
  • Eyeliner
    Some eyeliners are not suitable for lash extensions and can break down the bond and thus affect retention. Check for eyelash extension safe eyeliners like this one which can be worn with eyelashes without causing premature loss 

  • Make up remover
    When removing your make up at night it is important to use a suitable make up remover which will not affect your retention. Some of the high street removers are damaging so it is best to recommend a suitable remover to your clients for longer wear 
  • Baby wipes and Cotton pads
    Some people will use baby wipes to remove make up at night however this can cause loss of retention and the material can also easily catch on the lashes and pull them similar to cotton pads. 
  • Moisturiser and anti wrinkle creams
    Moisturisers can break down the lash adhesive so it is best to avoid these around the eye area (or apply carefully by keeping distance to the lash line). Also advise your clients to be careful with anti wrinkle creams as they tend to spread as they get absorbed in the skin so they need to be applied further away from the lash line. 

  • Hair conditioner
    This can cause a build up on the lashes so it is important to try and only apply the conditioner to the tips and immediately use a lash cleanser to avoid any affect on the lash extensions. 
  • Baby shampoo
    Instead of using the recommended Lash and Brow cleanser some clients try and use baby shampoo, however the manufacturers have actually warned from using this for lashes. Please make your clients aware that they need to use the recommended lash cleanser as anything else could void your insurance. 
  • Sweating 
    Excessive sweating or going to the Gym straight from the lash appointment can have an impact on retention as the sweat will break down the adhesive. 
  • Crying
    Whilst this cannot always be avoided please advise your clients to use a cleanser afterwards to remove any traces. The same applies for hayfever or watery eyes as the tear solution will have an impact on the lash retention. 


Breny N.

Breny N. said:

1st time experience & it was the fastest two hours I have spent.
Crystal is a gem and she does magnificent work.
Fun, affable & entertaining.
Time well spent & I love my lashes.
Thanks Crystal!
See you in two weeks.🐝

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