Is there a PERFECT product? - flirties

If you love your business and want to progress and get more out of it then you will probably be part of several groups on social media? 

The most frequent asked question is 

"what is the best adhesive"
....."best wax"....."best lashes" ...."best tan"...


Anyone who is serious about their business will click on the link to read what others recommend and which product is the Bees knees and "must have". 
Surely there is a BEST product out there that will make all your worries go away? 

The answer is NO!
As much as we all would like there to be an awesome product that ticks all the boxes for everyone, there isnt such thing! 
To be honest, that is maybe a good thing, otherwise this magical product would be ££££££££!

So, what is the best product? 
The best product is what is BEST for YOU and YOUR CLIENTS!
We all have different requirements, different circumstances and things we are looking for in a product. 
What is good for one person is not necessarily good for the next and vice versa! 

You will find people recommending products they USE or they are associated with and sometimes you will read "the best product is".....However this will only reflect their needs and might not suit you!

Beware of people stating that they have tried ALL the products and they KNOW which one is THE best..... (generally they might have tried a few but not ALL). 

The key is to try and find what works for YOU. Look at your needs, think about what you are looking for and ask for samples so that you can try it for yourself. 
That is the only way you can find THE BEST product that works for you!





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