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As we get nearer the end of this year it is time to reflect about 2020 and what a year it has been! Who would have thought at the beginning of this year, that we would be faced with a pandemic, with restrictions - not only to our businesses but also to our private life!?
This year has been outstanding (unprecedented as the politicians call it) and very very challenging for all of us!

When we look back some of us will feel sad and distraught at the devastation this year has brought to all of us, but some might also look back and see some positive glimpses that this year has brought.

Whilst there is no denying that the pandemic had disastrous consequences for many businesses it has also offered opportunities for some and also some much valued time with kids and family for others.

Some therapists will look at this year and plan to work even harder in those times when we can offer treatments or training without restrictions to make up for those times when we simply cannot.

Others might relish the time with family and friends and take the decision that there is more to life than just work and that a happy medium and a good work/life balance is maybe possible after all.

Whatever you decide, it will be right for you and it is important that you gear your business in a way that keeps you happy!

The period around Christmas and New Year is normally the busiest time of the year with many therapists working crazy hours, ignoring the sore neck or wrist sprain in order to keep clients happy and “squeeze” everyone in before the holidays.


Will it be the same this year?

For some of you it will be even more exaggerated as the new “way” of working means less clients in a day with additional time to clean the treatment area between clients so the days might be even longer.

Others might value their health and well-being and also the time with the family more and a structured approach to fixed hours or days per week might be the norm.

When we look ahead into a bright and promising 2021 many of us will try and plan, come up with ideas for new treatments, take additional courses or tweak the business in a way to make it “better”, be it better because you can spend more time with your family and have time to yourself or be it better because you are expanding and looking to boost your income or better because you are moving your beauty business from home to a salon or vice versa.

There are many ways to boost your business and more importantly there are ways to safeguard your business. Look at this year and what it has brought us! Nearly 6 months of not being able to take on clients which meant nearly 6 months of no or very little income.

Those therapists who have looked ahead and reacted quickly have increased the retail side of their business which allowed continuous income and helping to maintain clients or even acquire new ones.

Could this be an option for you?
Think about it, there are only so many clients you can take on, the day has only got so many hours  BUT what if you could earn money without spending any additional time?

Wouldn’t that be magic?
Retail can be your magic wand! Retail to existing clients when they come for a treatment or retail to other clients that maybe don’t want to come for an appointment (there are many reasons) so why not retain those clients too?

If your business is faced with a restriction or any other reason why the treatment side could be slow then the retail side might give you the additional income.
Stocking and displaying products will help you retail but some companies also offer dropshipping facilities so that you can retail to your clients without having to invest in stock or organise shipping!

There are many reasons to be disappointed, sad or frustrated about this year but lets look at next year with a positive eye and try and make the most of the opportunities we have!

Take action now and don't miss this opportunity to plan ahead and secure your income!

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