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It has never been more important than now to ensure your business is (and remains) safe and reliable. After all, this is your livelihood and you have poured all your passion and money into building this so you can have the life you want.

Whilst I am a firm believer that cutting corners never pays off and can actually cost you more, there are some things you can do to save money on your favourite supplies while boosting your business at the same time.

Normally when therapists try and save money they opt for “cheaper” products, trying to cut cost. Often this sadly means “cheaper” quality and inferior products which in turn can result in a poor treatment experience for you and your clients and in a lot of cases therapists try and counteract by reducing the treatment fee even further to attract more clients. Sometimes these products are imported and not even safe for use in our country and your insurance might also be void so there are a lot of things to consider, especially if you love your business and want to keep it safe!

You can guess where this is going? Lower prices to your clients mean less margin, which means less money to buy new products which will result in more price cuts. It is a vicious circle and never ends well.

So, how can you maintain your high quality service and offer your clients a reliable and safe treatment without compromising on quality?

Here are our top tips that will help you save money instantly!
(These tips are based on flirties but other brands might have similar options 😊


    yes, as a supplier we should be glad if therapists don’t use the free delivery option but we are here to help so this is our first tip!
    Group your orders together to take advantage of the free delivery option for the UK and Ireland. It might not sound like a massive saving but if you order a single vial of adhesive every week and you pay delivery every week that ads up to a fair amount!
    across the website there are numerous saver options that are designed to help you save money. Instead of buying one adhesive, you could buy 2 and save money instantly (and you would also save the delivery on your second adhesive) so there are two saving options straight away
    If a company offers ready made aftercare kits, essential packs or other packaged options then take advantage of it!
    As an example if you look at an aftercare kit, you can by all means buy all the contents separately, you can source bags, you can print your own labels and you can put it all together with a little card or leaflet you print, BUT have you actually added up how much this costs you?

    I dare you to add it up!

Calculate all the products, All the delivery charges from the different suppliers, the paper, ink, printer supplies and everything that is needed to put these kits together. Then have a look at the time it takes to put this all together as a kit.

At the same time, look at what you could do with that time….Could you do a full set of lashes or nails and earn more money or could you use the time to promote your business, do social media posts or just spend time with your family?

If you do not calculate this carefully you might be losing a lot of money and time this way.
Don’t get me wrong, it can be fun doing this yourself, but you need to weigh up very carefully if it is actually worth it or more cost and time intensive than buying ready made products.



  • Here is another tip – START RETAILING!
    Over the last few months it has become obvious what can happen and we need to prepare for periods of low business over the coming months. Those therapists who have adapted and increased their retail product range have been able to support their clients through this difficult time AND more importantly they have been able to support their own business and earn money while the restrictions were in place.

Have a look at the different retail options and if you choose products that compliment your treatments you will be surprised how easy it is to start retailing and you will be even more amazed what a difference this can make to your business and income!

Use the volume discount to maximise your margin or order just as and when your clients order and get the items dropshipped directly to your client – no hassle for you but great margins!

  • The next tip wont come as a surprise for you…
    The more you buy from one supplier the more you will save!
    Instead of buying each product from a different supplier, you can group orders together and try and order as much as possible from each supplier.
    This has got various advantages:
    a) you save on delivery
    b) you can take advantage on saver options, volume discounts and promotions
    c) you can increase your saving with loyalty bonus or discounts
    If you look at all these options and you look at your supplies you will be amazed how even products you thought were cheaper elsewhere all of a sudden become the best deal if you buy them all together
    Here is another added bonus, if you support your suppliers they will also support you, not only with a loyalty bonus but they might also offer to share your work, feature you on their social media pages or offer other promotional opportunities to help you build your business.
  • This is a little secret tip
    If you refer a friend, recommend flirties on social media or if your product review gets published you will also receive a little voucher as a way of saying thank you so feel free to use this option to increase your income. Alternatively ask us for an affiliate code if you would like to recommend our products and earn commission.



And here is our top tip for trainers:
Some of you prefer to be associated with a brand in order to get the maximum support which is a brilliant way of building and running your training academy and having that close link to your favourite brand offers many advantages.

A lot of you, however, prefer to stay independent. This is a completely different approach and offers more flexibility when it comes to choosing products and also the way you run the actual course but there are still things you can do to maximise your profits.

Use the training kits on offer as they generally include a saving compared to buying the products separately. Also you might want to contact the brand you want to work with as there might be further discounts available and you don’t want to miss out on those!
flirties has got a full support scheme for flirties and independent trainers which help you to get more student leads, bigger discounts and even commission as well as enhanced support for your students



If you are curious to find out more or you would like to help us calculate how much you could be saving, then please get in touch! We are here to help and love to hear from you!

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