This is how you can improve retention for your lash and nail clients - flirties

Are your clients saying that their nails dont keep the shine?
Are the nails lifting or not lasting as long as normal?

Are your lash clients experiencing shorter retention?
Are you noticing that the adhesive is behaving differently?

This is not brand specific by the way but seems to be a common thread across the different forums. Some therapists have got no issues at all and sail straight through it all while others get comments from clients regarding their retention. 

Even the most experienced therapists are noticing a difference and whilst some factors like clients wearing masks can have an impact on the lash enhancements there could still be another factor that is playing havoc with your products.

Did you know that most cleaners and sanitisers contain alcohol?
Did you also know that alcohol can have an affect on some of your products and how they work?

Now that we all are using more sanitisers and cleaning products it is even more important to choose the right products to ensure that clients can enjoy long lasting results from their beauty treatments.
If you are noticing a difference in your products or client retention then it might just be the sanitiser or cleaning product you use.

Saloncide is free from alcohol and available as hand sanitiser, salon spray and fully automated station so why not give this a try to see if this solves your headaches? Not only can you use this in the salon but you can also retail this to your clients so that they can use this as aftercare and maintenance at home. 


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