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Do you want to start your own beauty business but unsure if you can afford it?

Can you start on your own without a huge savings account ? 

Is it possible to be your own boss if you do it cleverly? 

The answer is YES! 
(You just need to know how to do it) 
It is only natural to be worried when you are planning on leaving the security of your full time job for the dream of having your own business. 

Doing what you love is fabulous and turning your passion into work is amazing as it means you can look forward to getting up every morning (instead of dreading having to get up for work). 

As we all know it is not always going to be easy but here are a few pointers that will help you set up in a way that does not require a huge savings account or compromise on quality!
The key is knowing where you can save money and where you need to invest BUT if you get it right it will pay for itself! 

Sounds to good to be true? 
Then read on to find out how you can do it! 
Every good venture starts with a good foundation! 
For the beauty industry this means thorough training and reliable products. 

Choose a training provider who will offer you good support, thorough training and ongoing aftercare. Just the training day wont set you off to a good start as it is the first few months that you will need that extra support and help. 

Don't save on the initial training as it will get you off to a poor start and it only means you will have to spend more money on further courses when you could have started earning money and building your little empire!

Invest in good products! This is another area where you don't want to cut corners! Buying cheap products will result in cheap treatments which then means you have to lower your prices to match!

High quality products mean reliability, they are safe and legal to use and you generally have a local supplier to help and support you. 

Shop wisely! 
Buying quality does not mean that you cannot take advantage of offers or promotions to maximise your savings! 
Take advantage of seasonal offers, free delivery or multi buy savers which allows you to increase your profit without compromising on quality or service!

Check for additional support! 
Most trainers and suppliers (the good ones) will have groups to help you with any advice you might need. This will often include subjects like 
* increasing customer base
* attracting new clients
* how to deal with difficult clients
* staff issues
* business set up 
* marketing etc

This might not be high on your agenda when you set up but it is very important to have the full package when you set up. 

Associate with a brand!
Whilst you can decide which products you use and however many suppliers you have it is worth considering if loyalty could help you. 

Not only can you take advantage of the fact that you can group orders together and take advantage of saving options when you buy from fewer suppliers but if you believe in a brand and product (or two or three) you can start tagging those suppliers in your posts and pictures. 
Some suppliers (flirties included) will reward positive posts, recommendations and tags so by mentioning your suppliers you might find that you can get additional exposure on forums and they might also share your pictures or comment. 

These are just a few pointers to help you get started but the key is to invest wisely......just remember "buy twice!"

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