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When you set up in business your aim is to book as many clients as possible, right? 

You want to increase your client base, convert existing clients to other treatments and ideally you want to be booked back to back.....
BUT is this really such a good idea? .....


"Of course" you would say!
That is the ultimate goal: to have clients back to back, all your appointments taken and no gaps in your schedule....


(Yup there is a BUT so read on to find out if this applies to you!)

Without gaps in your diary, when will you have time for a cup of tea, to check your messages or get back to anyone who contacts you? 

At night of course? 
It can be very draining to work all day and then at night trying to catch up with messages, bookings, questions, new enquiries, marketing, social media posts etc. You will be surprised how long it takes and depending how strict you are with your timekeeping and schedule (ie how many hours you work every day) it might end up in a lot of long and late nights!


2) What if your appointment runs a bit longer?
Of course you will try and avoid it but a client turning up 5-10 minutes late, the treatment taking a few minutes longer than planned and all of a sudden you have a 15 minute delay which will easily get more and more as the day goes on. 

Try and fit in smaller gaps in the day. This helps to keep your appointments on time (in case you do need the extra few minutes) and it also allows you to fit in a cup of tea or a snack to keep you going. 
It will also help you to keep up to date with messages throughout the day or to react to anything quickly which means you can relax a bit more at night regaining energy for the next day! 

Also don't forget to schedule a proper lunch break! Not eating or drinking during the day can be exhausting and you will feel drained and tired very quickly!

3) What if clients want other appointments? 
Ok so you managed to get your clients all booked in but now they are referring you to their friends....If you are fully booked you cannot take any new clients unless you employ someone else to work alongside you. 

But what if your existing and loyal clients want to book for more treatments? If you are fully booked you have to turn those clients away which means they are forced to go to a different therapist for those treatments and who is to say that those clients might not book all their appointments with the new therapist? 

It is a very fine line of being busy and happy in your day and giving yourself enough scope to grow and keep everyone else happy!


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