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We all love it when business rocks but what if it goes quiet and your diary is empty? 

Especially when you start your own business you need the reassurance that it will all work out and that you can pay the bills at the end of each months. 

You try hard to book clients in but naturally it is very worrying when things go quiet and you have got gaps in your diary! 

 Here are a few things you can do:

First of all....don't panic! 

The beauty industry is not always plain sailing and no matter what you do you will encounter busy and quiet times throughout the year. 

The key is to maximise on the opportunities you have and take advantage of the quiet times to get ahead and ready for the busy times! 

 First of all try and find out why it is quiet (this is the hardest part). 

Is it a seasonal fluctuation? 
School holidays can always affect your business as clients might be away or busy with kids activities or family commitments. 
Try filling your appointment by getting clients to prebook further ahead, for example, offer an incentive to book more than one appointment ahead so you can see your schedule fill up further in advance. 

Are they holding off because of any holiday? 
Especially around Christmas you will find that clients hold off with appointments so that they can book in just before the holidays to time it for the infill times. 


Once you analyse a bit more what is happening and why you will probably find it a bit easier and if you have been in business for a while you get to enjoy and treasure those quiet times as you can catch up with things that you normally dont have time for! 

This is the key! Look at your diary, plan ahead, schedule promotions, prepare social media posts and announcements. 
It sounds silly but it can help you save a lot of time when you have a busy spell! 
A lot of platforms let you schedule posts or at least you might be able to save your designs as drafts so that you can just publish them as and when the time comes. 

The last thing you want to do is run into busy times and being rushed off your feet with the added pressure of planning ahead........and if you don't find the time then you know that the next quiet spell is guaranteed! 


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