How to get your Business through Lockdown AND MAKE MONEY! - flirties
There is no denying that this year has been one of the toughest for anyone in business, no matter if you are self employed, a home business or a salon owner. 
The stress and pressure on everyone has been challenging and for many it still is not getting easier!

The latest news have been devastating and soul destroying for many therapists and salon owners in the UK, and many other areas and countries are faced with similar restrictions. 

After all the hard work, time, money and effort to create a Covid-safe business it is so disappointing now being faced with another lockdown :( 

BUT there are still things you can do! 

You CAN still earn money! 



Retailing is your answer! 

Let's have a look at the options and common misconceptions so you can see just how easy it is and how it can safe your business even while the restrictions are in place! 

"I am not a sales person"
This is one of the most common phrases you hear when you speak to someone about retailing BUT if you are a therapist then you are already selling - You are selling appointments, you are selling treatments, you are selling a service. 

So, what is different to selling an aftercare product that will help your client? 

What if you look at it from the other side? 
If you can recommend a product that will help your client maintain the treatment outcome and get longer lasting results? 
Wouldn't you actually do your client a favour? 
Would your client be annoyed with you if you did NOT recommend a good product but watched how he/she applied a cheap product which ruins the treatment? 

These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself! 
Your client might want to go and buy a make up remover, mascara, cleanser or oil anyway so if you can recommend something that works in harmony with the treatment your clients would be silly not to listen!

"My clients don't want to spend any more money"
This is a valid point as clients might have only planned to spend the treatment money but there are two options for you (and your client) : 
You can either build an aftercare product into the treatment price or you can explain what happens without the appropriate aftercare. 

For example if we take a lash client and you are trying to sell a lash cleanser to, you can either build a full aftercare kit into the treatment price and for all infill appointments they will only need a new cleanser sachet (you know how little it costs you). Alternatively if your client is unwilling to spend the £1 for the sachet it might result in the lashes not lasting, thus retention is poor and your client will have to come back for an appointment sooner .....If you explain this, chances are that your client will happily pay the fee as you are actually helping to save money. 

This is just an example but the same goes for Brows, waxing, nails and other appointments that have a range of prep and aftercare products. The same goes for removal products - If you can offer a safe way to remove enhancements then your client will not damage lashes or nails!

"What do I get out of it?"
This is EASY! First of all you get a happy client who knows you are offering a full package including aftercare. Secondly you can earn extra money without having to spend extra time. Under normal circumstances this would already be important as there is only so much time in a day which means your ability to take on appointments is limited BUT your retail opportunities are NOT!

If you look at the current situation and how much Covid has changed the business and income potential, then it is obvious that retailing should be an essential part of your business as this can continue even when treatments are restricted. 


You would be silly not to do this,right? 

"How much can I earn"?
Normal Trade to Retail ratio is a double up situation, so for example you buy a product at £5 and retail this at £10 - how amazing is that!? Super margin and extra money for you. 

Here is how it gets even better: Some of the products have volume discounts (We can only speak for flirties but other suppliers might have similar options) AND free delivery option or loyalty discounts so that you can further increase your margin. 

As an example take a product which normally costs £6 but you take advantage of a special 25% promotion which reduces the price to £4.50 AND you also have a loyalty discount which reduces it to just £4 but you can retail the product at £12 (remember double the trade price). 

Look at the margin! You literally triple your investment and out of £4 you make £12!

This is just an example but you see where this is going! 

You can either send the items directly to your clients OR you can use a dropshipping option so you literally order and the item gets delivered straight to your client!

It does not get much easier than that!

The Choice is yours but just think how much you can earn even while restrictions are in place! This could be a very important step for your business! 

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