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If you could increase your margin and make your business  more profitable, would you be interested?


You work hard and spend a lot of time promoting your business? 
You offer your clients extra hours to earn that little bit more?

What if you could learn how to increase your profits without having to work more hours? 

Many therapists try and buy cheaper products which diminishes the quality of the treatment and means you have to reduce your treatment prices so it defeats the object so you need to maintain the high quality of the service you provide! 

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you increase your profits........we have based this on our products but other brands might offer similar opportunities that you can take advantage of. 

Offer additional products to compliment the treatment, ie retail items to prepare and maintain the treatment which your client can use at home. 
! This frees us time for you to do other treatments
! Your client uses products that you recommend
! You know your clients is maintaining the treatment outcome
! You can earn more money without spending more time

Take advantage of Free delivery options
Most companies offer free delivery over a certain amount and by using this you can save valuable money which will increase your profit. 

Take advantage of saver options. 
Many brands offer a Buy X and get Y free. Or buy 1 and get 1 at X. 
By using these offers you can save 20% on your product costs which will add to your margin. If you combine the free delivery AND the saver option you have already achieved a huge bonus!

Promote the brand you are using! 
Most brands offer a loyalty scheme or rewards for following on social media, for leaving reviews or even for recommending the brand online. The more you recommend the more rewards you will earn. Add this to the other advantages you can see the difference! 


As an example, take a product worth £14.95...
Buy at the saver option of buy 5 and get 1 free with free delivery and if you leave a couple of reviews which get published, all of a sudden you have a saving of nearly 30% with just one order ! If you multiply this throughout the year combined with special offers and promotions it can make a huge difference to your business! 




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