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We all know that the weather can have an impact on products and how they work and the recent warm and sunny days can create challenging conditions for any lash artist.

We have put some suggestions together to help you get the most out of your adhesive so that you can have the same  reliable results as always.

This is important at any time of the year and should remain constant. We recommend 20-24 degrees with 40-70% humidity as ideal conditions. These are our guidelines but we know that some of you work successfully below or above these conditions so if its working for you then don't change it but if you notice a difference in your adhesive or how it reacts then it might be worth checking your conditions. 
Keep an eye on your conditions and try to keep it constant, ie temperatures might drop through the night so if you start lashing first thing in the morning then you might notice that the adhesive is different to later on when your room is warmer  and this might change how the adhesive behaves. 

It is best to keep your adhesives in a bag or jar with moisture absorbent granules. Some therapists use rice, others silicone but it is important to change the medium regularly otherwise it might not be effective. Imagine a sponge - once it is soaked full with water it won't be able to absorb any more moisture.  Rice or granules work the same way so they need to be replaced regularly in order to be effective. 

It is also worth mentioning that the different mediums have different rates of 
absorption which means that they all work differently. We found silicone beads most effective as they can absorb far more moisture than rice for example, however even the silicone beads need to be replaced regularly. 

Whilst the salon environment was always clean and looked after we now clean and sanitize even more to combat Covid. Depending on the products you use this could have an affect on the adhesive especially if your products contain alcohol or harsh chemicals so if you are noticing changes in your adhesive then this is another area you might need to check. 


During lockdown a few products got forgotten on the back of the shelf so it is important to check how long they have been open to ensure you can rely on them when you need them. 
Adhesive vials should be used within 24-48 hours once open, however unopened they can last a couple of months. 
The bottles can be stored longer as they have a better closure to be airtight, however even they need to be replaced regularly. Most therapists change the adhesive every 4-6 weeks however this also depends how busy you are and how often you open and expose the adhesive to air. Some therapists manage to use the adhesive for a good few months if stored correctly. 

We do recommend to shake the adhesive vigorously before each use and we found the best way to do this is by removing the lid, cover the nozzle with a non woven strip (wax strip for example) and then shake vigorously for a good few minutes. It is best to time this as it will feel as if your arm is falling off so the time will feel longer than  it is.
Then use the strip to remove any residue from around the nozzle before replacing the lid. This way the lid will stay clean and won't stick. 

Some therapists use automated shakers but this means that you have to shake the bottle with lid which can result in the lid sticking and build up of adhesive around the nozzle can also prevent an airtight closure between lid and nozzle. 

Some clients are experiencing sensitivity which can be due to a long period without treatments during lockdown but it can also be a combination of mask wearing or warmer temperatures in the salon. 
You can use the SENSITIVE adhesive (black or clear) which specially designed for sensitive clients but if you find it slower setting than your other adhesives then try using it with the SPEED UP SOLUTION so you can get faster setting times while keeping your clients comfortable. 

Alternatively you can use a NANOMISTER which is really comfortable for clients and this helps with sensitivity too! 

Another result of Covid is the duty to wear masks which can affect the treatment outcome too. Clients might arrive with homemade masks which don't seal around the nose, which means the breath (warm air and moisture) will travel upwards and can affect your adhesive. You can firm the mask around the nose or even tape it so the seams towards the eye area are sealed. 
For your own safety and to avoid sensitivity it is best to use a minimum of FFP2 rated mask to ensure you get protection from fumes and odours during your lash day. 

These are just some of the most common pitfalls but please remember to get in touch if you need help with anything at all! 

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