It's getting HOT out there! | flirties

It's getting HOT out there!

We all know that the weather can have an impact on products and how they work and the recent warm and sunny days can create challenging conditions for any lash artist. Find out what you can do to achieve reliable results...
This is how you can improve retention for your lash and nail clients | flirties

This is how you can improve retention for your lash and nail clients

Are your clients saying that their nails dont keep the shine or not lasting as long as normal? 
Are your lash clients experiencing shorter retention or the adhesive is behaving differently? 
Here is what might be happening..... 
Understanding Your Adhesive | flirties

Understanding Your Adhesive

Applying lashes is more than just a skill, it's an art. Like most artists, you need the right conditions to work in if you are going to create a masterpiece!

If you have ever had problems with your lashes, have you considered that the weather might be to blame? The environment around you has a big impact on how your products can work, and it is important to understand this if you are going to provide effective and beautiful treatments all year round. 

Adhesives in particular are susceptible to changes in temperature, and this can alter how effective they are. If this proves to be the case, there are things you can do to help, which is why Flirties have put together a terrific course to put you in the know.

This online course means you can study at a time and a place that suits you, and the best bit is that it costs absolutely nothing! Put together by Michelle Ryan, the course looks at humidity, what it is and what difference it makes to your adhesive. The course is a thorough look at what happens to the adhesive and how you can work with it in humid conditions. It also includes a number of quizzes to check your understanding as you work through the course.

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