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This is the last week before Christmas and most of you will be rushed off your feet, chasing from one client to the next with no time for a coffee let alone something to eat in between. 

Only a few days and then you can put your feet up and enjoy the peace.....

But will you? 
Can you? 

After rushing around so much and chasing your tail for days if not weeks it will be hard to take a step back and unwind. Your head is probably still busy with Christmas preparations, how to keep your family happy, cooking or baking for friends and all the other 1000 things that need doing. 

Would you do it again? 
The chances are, that you will do it again despite all the new Years resolutions. 

Or would  you change anything? 

We see some of you huffing and puffing with all the workload and you havent got time to have a drink or bite to eat (yet you find time to post on social media how busy you are). Some may read it as a complaint but in reality you should be glad that you have so many clients asking you for appointments so treasure the feeling that you are so in demand. Enjoy the fact that you can offer clients something that they want so much that they feel they HAVE to have it before the festive period. 

Some of you have stayed firm, not taken on additional work and you are enjoying the time with the family, the kids getting excited for Santa, wrapping presents for the loved ones, watching nativity plays etc. 

So why dont you? 
Everyone has got a different preference and that is how it should be! After all it is your business and you should run it how YOU feel comfortable. Dont let clients dictate what you do and when. 

Either set your hours to suit your personal lifestyle and stick to it OR go for it and reap the rewards of this busy time. Work as much as you like and earn good money in this busy time. 

No matter which way works best for you, make sure you enjoy it,  stay passionate about what you do and take it as a positive!

AND no matter what option works best for you please make time for a treasured cuppa or a five minute break to take a breath. We all need a bit of time for ourselves and it does not matter how busy we are , it is IMPORTANT and will help you stay energised and positive!
Only a few days now.....go for it....You have got this!

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