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Keeping It Professional

When you opt for a new range of beauty products, you want one that will support your business. This means that the brand should be designed for salons in order to make your treatments stand out.

There are a huge range of beauty products available on the market these days, and whilst they all have their benefits, it doesn't mean you want to stock high street brands on your shelves. The purpose of a beauty salon is to provide unique treatments, expertise and a sense of something special, which is why you need to be working with a professional brand.

Flirties ensure that their products are only available to qualified professionals. Not only does this mean that you are properly trained to use the products, it also means that the brand, and your salon, is seen to be a cut above the consumer offerings.

Giving your clients something they cannot get at home means that your treatments are not de-valued, your retail products are not cheaper elsewhere and knowledge is vital.

To set up your Flirties account, click on the Registration page and fill in your details. We will ask to see copies of your certificates to help keep the brand professional-only.

March 30, 2017 — Louisa Fryatt