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Jump On The Training Train

Beauty therapy is an industry that is constantly evolving and developing, and it needs the people within it to do the same. The best way to keep on top of everything is with properly organised training.

Whilst many treatments might seem like child's play, training is vital in everything that you want to offer to the paying public. It protects them, protects you, and you might just learn a thing or two! 

The Hidden Questions

Applying a nail product, gluing on lashes or ripping a wax strip off might seem simple, but there is a lot of knowledge that is needed before you can be let anywhere near a client.

Health and safety is hardly a sexy subject but it is a vital one if you want to keep your clients safe. Learning how to keep your tools and working area clean and hygienic is essential in making sure nothing untoward is passed on to your clients.

There are lots of reasons why you might not be able to perform a treatment, and you need to understand all of these. Contra-indications mean it is not safe to go ahead with the treatment, and it is of paramount importance that you can recognise all of these and know the best way to handle them.

Only with proper training can you have a full and thorough understanding of all of these issues and be able to keep your clients safe.

Supplier Training

Learning the basics of a treatment gives you a great foundation, but every product is different. Responsible suppliers like Flirties give you the opportunity to train in the use of their specific products so you know the exact way they should be used, how long the effects can be expected to last and what differences you might encounter with the products.


Sometimes things do go wrong, which is why all beauty therapists should have insurance to protect themselves if the worst happens. You will need to prove that you are qualified to perform every treatment that you offer, and so professional training is necessary. Many insurers are now clamping down on what courses they will cover so make sure you train with an accredited provider like Flirties.

Nothing is more important in the beauty industry than training. It protects you from making dangerous mistakes, it protects your clients from anything going wrong and it protects the good name of the industry.

To find out more about the fantastic training offered by Flirties across the UK, just click here.

March 07, 2017 — Louisa Fryatt