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Can "cheap" be more expensive?

If you want to save money and increase your profit margin then this is a MUST read as buying cheap products might actually work out more expensive.......find out more!
Staying Safe In Business | flirties

Staying Safe In Business

We all love a good bargain, but did you ever hear that old adage about something being too good to be true? There's a very good reason for it!

As a business owner you will probably be on the look out for a good deal to save on your overheads, and it can be tempting to look to far flung shores for a bargain on your products, but did you know the responsibility that comes with this?

Any product put on the market for sale or use in this country must have been put through rigourous safety testing and be registered by the Cosmetics Product Notification Panel (CPNP). This ensures that any UK or EU supplier is responsible for ensuring that the products they sell and you use are safe and legal. This gives you great peace of mind that your client is in safe hands and your insurance company will be happy that you are using the appropriate products.

However, as soon as you import a product from further afield which has not been tested and registered, you personally become responsible for ensuring the safety of that product. Even if you have only purchased one little tube of adhesive, the onus falls on you to make sure it is safe for use on your client. So do you have an extensive laboratory for testing those products? Can your in-house scientist vouch for the ingredients and their origins? Probably not!

In addition to the liability of ensuring your clients safety, your insurance is likely to be void as soon as you use illegal substances or products which have not been registered.

All of this means that by using products that are not registered, you risk the safety of your client and you could lose your business over any claim that is made against you.

To protect yourself and your client, you need to ensure that you only buy products from reputable suppliers within the EU, such as Flirties. All of Flirties products comply with the regulations, have been independently tested and are registered with the CPNP so you can rest assured that you are using products which are safe and reliable.

Don't take risks with the safety of your clients or your business. Stay safe, stay successful with Flirties.